Spamming Companies

The following companies have hired email marketers that do "email appending" services, whereby email addresses given by individuals to one company for the purpose of receiving communications from that company may be "appended" to address records of other companies, so that the other companies can use that same email address for mailings.

Whenever I give out email addresses to companies, I give out addresses unique to those companies, which enables me to detect such sharing of email addresses.

The following is a list of companies that have made use of an email address I gave for purchasing vacuum bags from the Bissell vacuum cleaner company. Bissell denied having given my email address to anyone, which was a falsehood, since that email address ended up being "appended" to customer records of other companies, which then spammed me at that address.

I no longer own a Bissell vacuum cleaner, and have no intention of spending money with them again.

Other Spamming Companies